Krukovská Mária


 1930, Plzeň

Maria Krukovská was the first female architect to work in Bratislava Stavoprojekt. Initially, she devoted herself to designing residential and afterwards also public buildings. She was co-author of today's legendary modern housing estate on Račianska Street in Bratislava, where she designed a business center and a kindergarten (1966). As part of the Experimental project in Rača, she participated in the verification of new housing technologies. Together with Š. Svetko she tested the vacuum-treated reinforced concrete and the sandwich curtain wall on the twelfth-storey apartment. Maria Krukovská was the first Slovak participant at the congress of the International Union of Architects (UIFA). At the second congress of this organization in Monaco, in 1969, she presented her proposal for the Košúty mass housing in Martin. Since 1975, Krukovská has been in the process of assessing complex housing development.