Krumlová Štefánia


1932, Martin

Štefánia Krumlová devoted herself to the design of modern residential complexes. She has proposed a number of standardized residential and school buildings. She became notable shortly after entering the practice with the project of the 48-class school design which featured a gym covered by a rope roof construction. The design was later used again for another school in Bratislava. She worked on this project together with architect Ľudovít Jendreják and engineer Jozef Poštulka and their work got appreciated in 1963 also in the national presentation of architectural works. In the sixties and seventies she designed school and pre-school facilities for several Bratislava mass housing complexes. Thanks to its ingenious spatial composition, the small scale and the connection of the interior with the exterior, the mentionable project among them is the standardized kindergarten built in the sloping terrain.