Mecková Viera

1933, Turčianske Teplice

Viera Mecková succeeded in various competitions shortly after the graduation. At the end of the sixties, the first bigger buildings were built according to her proposal: the cultural house in Púchov and the bank in Liptovský Mikuláš. In the meantime she was a member of VAL group where she worked together with the artist Alexander Mlynarčík and the architect Ľubomír Kupkovič on utopian designs that were in between architecture and monumental art. Those works corresponded with the European wave of prospective architecture and were found interesting also abroad. In Slovakia, she received her first prize for the administrative building (originally the OV KSS, today the Municipal Office) in Žilina, where she brought her pleasure in demanding finishes to perfection. In 2003, she was the first and by now the only woman awarded the Emil Belluš Prize, the most important award for a lifetime work in the field of architecture in Slovakia.